The Final Airdrop Has Completed!


The Final Airdrop Has Completed!

Welcome to the weekly DeepOnion newsletter! From all of us at DeepOnion we’d like to extend our warmest gratitude and thank you sincerely for your support.  As always we hope that you enjoyed our last airdrop! It has been a long ride and we learned a lot!

Now it´s time to start a new era. I´m talking about the world domination. DeepOnion came here to inspire and to be the number 1 privacy coin. That´s why we need you more than ever to spread the word about the project!

We will have some amazing news very soon, for example:

  • New VoteCentral
  • New VIP Dominators & Airdrop Founders
  • New DeepVault Online Verification Site
  • New OP in BitcoinTalk Forum
  • New 5.0 website
  • New Fork and Stealth Addresses and several other developments
  • New DeepPoints system
  • Transparent Dev Fund, Bounty and DeepVault Fee wallets to be published
  • DeepOnion forums will be developed according to new tools
  • New DeepOnion Academy Videos for dominant teachers
  • Many new exchanges soon to list us
  • New SEM marketing strategy
  • And more to come!

Welcome to a new beginning. Apply to VoteCentral Now!

Every development will be decided democratically by the founders and holders. It´s really important to understand the purpose of VoteCentral and it´s there where we need your support to success.

The final Airdrop will determine the Founder status in VoteCentral. This will be announced on 27 April.

Our current VIPs will conserve their positions in VoteCentral. We will keep giving them more tasks and high DeepPoints. Until we complete the test phase of VoteCentral (will last few weeks), our current VIPs expects to continue their work in the forum same as before and rules/rewards will be same.

Do you want to be part of VoteCentral? Join us here: (DeepOnion Forum)

These are all good things to come. That´s why we would like to invite you to be part of our history! We all will work for the same goal. Don´t miss your chance!

Keep up!

It’s time for a quick round-up of DeepOnion updates.


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